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Ultimate Fight Companion


Role: Conversation design, UX copywriting

Tools used: Chatfuel


The UFC is a premium global sports brand and the largest Pay-Per-Vew event provider worldwide.

While the UFC has more that 284 million fans worldwide, their median viewer is 49 years old- over a 15 year increase from 2007.

Trends show the challenges facing the UFC as they try to attract a younger audience and ensure fans for life, and they reflect the changes in consumption patterns as young people shift their attention to digital platorms.


In order to reach a younger demographic we created a Facebook chatbot to tell the story of the fighters on social media.

The three goals of communication for the chatbot are to provide viewers with information on when and where they can watch the fights, provide fighter stats and bios, and give a fight recap for what viewers missed.

By engaging with a younger audience via AI, we aim to lower the UFC's median viewer age by 7 years.

The chatbot

Meet George.

Your ultimate fighting companion

George is the fun uncle (not the creepy one). He loves the UFC, 

and is honestly just looking for someone to watch it with him because he's a little lonely. George isn't just here for the fight, he wants to tell a couple jokes along the way- even when he's the only one laughing.  



George informs you of when upcoming fights are, what fighters are in the lineup, and where you can view it. 

In between obligatory compliments to George, he'll encourage you to subscribe to UFC Fightpass- the front row ticket to all UFC events- he's hoping you'll share it with him. 

George is here to raise awareness on upcoming fights and wants you to be just as excited as he is. 

The Fighters

George gives you the low down on fighters' statistics for the upcoming fight , he knows all of them off the back of his hand and he really wants to talk to you about them. 

If you're interested, you can also ask George to give you a (not so brief) biography on the fighters, though he can't help but express his true feeling on the fighters sometimes. 

Providing information on the fighters will assist in lowering the barrier of entry for watching the fight.



Missed the fight? George has got you covered.

George will give you breakdown of what you missed from the fights, including a highlight reel of all of the most exciting moments.

George is happy to fill you in on the fight, but you should really try to tune in next time.


The ultimate fight companion serves to bridge the gap between millenial consumption patterns and UFC's Pay-Per-View nature by bringing the UFC to a digital platform. By utilizing the chatbot, the UFC will bring awareness to upcoming fights to a younger demograpic and lower their median viewer age.

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