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An at-home Nike By You experience



Role: Concept/ strategy, branded platform design

Tools used: Illustrator, Photoshop


The Nike By You program gives customers the experience of creating their dream shoe. 

The program allows you to customize nearly every component of the shoe, from the shoelaces to even adding your own text.

While Nike By You allows you to create your custom shoe at ease,  customers can only bring their design to life if they choose to purchase their design.  

Nike (play) is an at home extension that allows you to mix and match colorways to bring every design you desire to life.



Nike (play) turns every Shoe into a collectors item. 


Collectors are able to play their hands at designing their own shoe with the provided templates, giving them the opportunity to create their own collectors' pack. 

Sneakerhead culture drives hype around limited release shoe designs, rare colorways and sought after collaborations. 

With Nike (play), every collector is a collaborator. 

How to play

Each Nike (play) box comes with a set of shoe template stickers and stickers to customize every component of the shoe. 

With every design that you create you have your own keepsake, allowing collectors to expand from having their dream shoe to their dream shoe collection. 

Your designs don't have to live in 2D forever though, every Nike (play) box comes with two prepaid mailing labels to send your designs back to the lab to bring your designs to reality. 


Play to win

Nike is known for their design competitions that showcase the creations of designers and non-designers alike. These shoe releases lead to incredibly sought after shoes- such as Sean Wotherspoon's Air Max 97 x Air Max 1 hybrid. 

Following this trend, Nike (play) will host yearly design competitions where anyone with the set can submit their design with the possibility of having a limited release run of their shoe. 



Nike (play) box gives collectors the freedom to render their favorite colorways and designs to create their own Nike By You experience.

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